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The Jr. Red Devils Flag Football Club has been in operation for almost 20 years serving boys and girls in grades 2-12. 

From its inaugural season through today, the Jr. Red Devils’ philosophy separates itself from other youth sports programs. Thousands of kids have had the opportunity to learn, play, and enjoy the great sport of football with the Jr. Red Devils.  Many of those players have gone on to represent their local high schools at the varsity level and beyond. More importantly, they have learned the lessons of competition, sportsmanship and fair play.   

All game nights are conveniently located at Ridge High School's Lee Field on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6-9pm. 

 The first date, September 9, 2019, will be a practice and skills clinic from  6 pm - 8:15 pm.  


Compete & Have Fun


 The league format provides a unique combination of ensuring competitive contests on a nightly basis while allowing the players, coaches, and parents to simply have fun. As a program, we focus on the pace of play and equal distribution of the action for all of our players to ensure an inclusive and competitive experience for all. 

Parents have always embraced this program because of our relaxed and inclusive approach to youth sports:          

  • No evaluations
  • No travel         
  • No standings or playoffs
  • No stress!

 Every child will get equal playing time and be encouraged to play any position they want. The more fun they have, the more they will learn.  



  The Jr. Red Devils Flag Football Program  serves  Basking Ridge and surrounding townships. There are no limits to the friends and family members you can play with or compete against. 

Our special event nights include:

· Parents versus Kids Games

· Challenger Nights (select dates for exceptional and special needs players to take the field), and 

· Cancer Awareness Fundraiser for a member of our community. 

Those are a few examples of how we reach out to our community. 

General information


Welcome to the Jr Red Devils Flag Football team. Below is some information about the upcoming season.

Registration is now open.  Please complete the form under the Registration tab.  In addition to credit card, online payment is now available via PayPal.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to complete the online payment process.  No work bond is required.

While we are based in Basking Ridge, NJ, players  from surrounding towns are welcome and do participate in our program each year.


SEASON START:   September 9

All games will be played on the Ridge Turf field on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Times will differ on Mon and Wed to accommodate conflicts with religious studies.  Updates   to the schedule may happen and will be communicated via email blast and social  media.


2nd, 3rd & 4th grades will play 1 hour games   

5th & 6th grades will play 1 hour games

7th - 12th grades will play 1 hour games


As players enter the high school field area, there is a board posted which lists the team rosters for that night, the coaches, the field assignments and the jersey color (silver or green) for each team. Our jerseys are reversible, so your child’s team color may change each week. The team rosters change every week, so your child will play with different teammates every week throughout the season. If players arrive late, they will be placed on any team in order to even out the sides. To minimize confusion for your child, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your game.  

The games last 60 minutes, including a five-minute halftime.  Everyone plays every game.  If you can't make a game, no problem, we will see you next time.  With no team standings, or even team names, we have had good success in maintaining fair play and engaging games.

   We will “flip flop” some of the times to accommodate CCD and other events

Uniforms consist of a shirt, flag belt, hat, and bag. Players MUST provide their own mouth guard.


Shoes can be sneakers or cleats - YOUR CHOICE.


You will receive an email regarding your uniform pickup dates.


Registration information, forms, and payment options are available under the Registration tab.

Special Events: (check the schedule for dates and times)

- Challenger Games
- Parents vs. Kids games
- Meet a former NFL player
- Pink Out!
- Jr Red Devils Football Night at Ridge Varsity Football Game
- Giants/Jets Giveaway Night
- Pizza Night

Coaches Corner

Here is where you will find everything needed to get started coaching the kids during the games.  We will be adding information throughout the season.

Below are plays from Coach Tracy, sample plays, running plays, passing plays, grade appropriate rules and Skills/Drills.

About Us

The Jr. Red Devils League is run entirely by volunteers, and we are actively seeking new volunteers to help. Previous football experience is definitely not needed or required. If your child will be in this league for the next two years or more, we need your help. If you have computer skills, communication skills, people skills, or just like seeing kids enjoy football, please consider joining us this fall. The success of this league depends solely on volunteers; we really could use your help. If you have questions or are interested in joining, please contact us at: info@jrreddevilsflagfootball.com. Welcome!

The Jr. Red Devil Flag Football Board

Joe D'Aries
John Engdahl
John Gannon
Jim McCarthy
Dan McCauley

Scott Parente
Pete Sauer
Ed Schon

A special thanks to Tony Cucinell, Tom Child, Raymond Abbiatici, Dave Githens, Joe Zubko, Rob Uhrig, Dan McCarthy and John Roth for their years of dedicated service to our program